Planning a new kitchen, whether you’re working from a blank canvas or a remodel, can be a daunting undertaking. We’re committed to making this process smooth, exciting and hassle-free for you and your family.

When you buy an Eastland kitchen you will work with an experienced designer as well as installation experts. They are committed to perfection – from the first sketch to the final finishing touch. We’ll ensure your vision becomes a reality, on-time and on-budget.

While this experience is unique for everyone, we’ve pulled together some helpful tips and hints to take you from finding your style through to living happily through a renovation.

What does your dream kitchen look like?

Have you thought about the style of your kitchen? Do you envision your kitchen, the heart of your home, being rustic, modern, classic or traditional? Take a look at our room gallery to get inspired and then visit our style page to find the door styles, stains and wood grains that speak to your personal style. Then check out some accessories that will give your kitchen a look all its own.

Think about how you move around and use your kitchen

You want your kitchen to not only be beautiful, but functional too. Talk to your family and think about what kind of storage solutions and features are important in your kitchen. If you’re a master baker, you may need swift access to your mixer at a moment’s notice. If dinner preparation is a family-affair and organization and room to move are at the top of your priority list, we can design and build a smart kitchen that will meet all of your needs. Take a look at some storage solutions and features that you can find in many Eastland kitchens.

For good measure

Measuring your space is critical before an Eastland-certified designer can sketch your kitchen. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for you to help make this process as easy as possible.

Living in a construction zone

Living through a renovation can be challenging, especially with your busy schedule. Here are some helpful tips we’ve learned from our customers:

  • Set up a temporary kitchenette in a room removed from the renovation area.
  • Prepare meals in advance that are easy to heat-up and do not require a lot of cleanup, especially if access to a sink or water is limited at some point during your renovation.
  • Some stages of the renovation process may be noisy, so plan accordingly if you work from home or have young children who may require naps or early bedtimes.
  • Communication is key. Be sure to stay in constant contact with the team working on your new kitchen so that you can plan your time at home around especially messy or noisy periods. Or, more importantly, make sure you are alerted when your plumbing may be affected.