Ready to get started on your dream kitchen? The planning process is different for everyone. Some people know exactly the style they want while others require a bit more time to consider their style and design options. In any case, measuring your space is one of the most important steps.

Before the designer at your local Eastland dealer can sketch your dream kitchen, they must know the dimensions they are working with. While measuring your space can be a tedious job, it will help ensure that your first meeting with an Eastland dealer is productive and efficient. And you’ll be able to walk away with a sketch of your dream kitchen in-hand.

We’ve been doing this for over four decades. Here are some tricks of the trade to get the best measurements and prepare for your meeting with the designer:

You don’t have to be Picasso

Having just the dimensions of your space to work with can be challenging for your designer. Sketch out your current space on a piece of paper and note your dimensions accordingly. A rough sketch is great – this will help provide some context to the designer during the design process.

Key measurements and marks

Be sure to capture the following dimensions on your sketch:

  • Floor to ceiling
  • All wall lengths
  • Mark and measure windows, doors and any other permanent elements that will affect the design of your kitchen and placement of your cabinets, like radiators, heaters, unique angles or architectural details.
  • Note the space into the room that doors require when opened
  • Mark and measure existing electrical, plumbing and lighting on all walls. This includes the following:
    • Light switchesLighting fixtures
    • Electrical outlets
    • Phone jacks and Internet hook-ups
    • Heating / air vents
    • Water and gas connections

Key furniture pieces

If you nave non-permanent furniture in the kitchen that is mobile but that you wish to remain in a particular space, please measure and mark on your sketch to ensure that the designer can take this into consideration while designing your kitchen

Double check

Have a family member or friend double-check your measurements. A fresh set of eyes can catch little mistakes or oversights.

Get camera-ready

Take a few pictures of your kitchen to bring to your meeting with the designer. He / she may ask you to e-mail the photos to help provide context alongside your measurements.

Prior to your cabinet installation, your space will be measured again by a designer to obtain exact measurements.