The first step in planning your kitchen is defining your style. Are you Classic, Traditional, Rustic or do you lean more towards a more contemporary look? We can help. Let’s start by taking a look at our cabinet door and drawer front styles.

We offer solid wood, Thermofoil and painted MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The photography and colour samples shown throughout the website have been reproduced as accurately as possibly. To ensure the highest satisfaction, we strongly recommend you view an actual product sample prior to ordering cabinetry.

33 MDF Model 300 square

MDF Model 300


Available in Frameless.

Door profile outside edge: "S" Square

Door panel: Flat

Drawer fronts available in MDF Model 300 or slab.

38 MDF Model 300 design 5 piece front drawer
37 MDF Model 300 slab front drawer

Available in these paint colours.

Available in these thermofoil colours.