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22 February 2014















2013 is now in the rear view mirror and we are eagerly looking forward to see what this year will bring forth.

Lets us start off by thanking all of you for your continued support in the past year. It is greatly appreciated!

We have some exciting items to bring forward this year. First of all we are now prepared to go back to three week delivery on all kitchens with the exception of Painted Cabinets, these will remain at 4 weeks for now.

This is the result of many changes in the structure of our construction and assembly process, along with putting the best people in the correct places.

We are now able to offer a maple interior cabinet at a 15% up charge. This is not a solid plywood cabinet, but instead a veneer finish on both the inside and outside of the cabinets.

For those of you looking for an alternative to the white melamine interior, this should help. We have changed the construction of our framed cabinets as of February 1st. Both the uppers and lowers will now be fabricated using all 5/8" material just as we are currently doing on the Frameless construction.

This makes for a much stronger cabinet all around. The wall cabinets will no longer require nailer strips and the base cabinets will now have a full 5/8 back as well. As an added bonus, this makes it easier to install light valance for under counter lighting and will allow for a more consistent surface for crown mouldings.

Until all the 1/2" material has been depleted we will continue to build the drawers with this. After that the drawers will be 5/8" material as well.

We are removing the Spanish Stain From our list of standard colors, effective February 15, 2014.

For those dealers with Showroom displays which are close to being ready to freshened up, it is the perfect time to show off the new cabinet line.

IF you have not had the opportunity to speak with Virginie, our new Customer Service Representative/ Kitchen Designer, please take the time to introduce yourself.

You will find her very helpful.

She is able to help you with your 2020 design issues, including helping with some of you custom ideas.

Virginie will also be you go to person for delivery date and other issues.

We would like to invite each of you to take a look at and like our new Eastland Kitchens facebook page. This page can be a very important tool for your store, kitchen department, and employees.

Please post photos of kitchens you would like to show the world, tag your customer and show what a wonderful, imaginative, designer you really are.

Please watch in the near future for a new contest being tied into our Facebook Site.

Just a heads up, get some photos of the kitchens you are proud of!

Thanks to all who participated in our contest for the new computer system for your store.

We tabulated all the entries and invited some special guests to make the draw.

The winner is: Hospitality Homes Tim-br Mart in Woodstock NB.

Congratulation to their team!


 From left to right: Henry Jonah, Gerry Whelan, Charles Corriveau, holding the winning ballet,

Stephen J. Hill from Cox & Palmer, and verifying the winning ticket, Andrew Chamberlain from Chamberlain Wealth management inc.